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Description:   This has evolved into GreenUML. See This package is 100% pure Java(tm) designed for use with a 1.3 or better JRE. The package implements a Swing component that enables the creation of many types of diagram, flowcharts or similar tool

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LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish ( Main Features: (1) Autotext, Auto-Completion, Function References, Syntax highlight (2) External Tools (customizable) (3) UTF8 support. Winefish is a GTK+ application, released under GPL License.

LemonSMS LemonSMS is a java library that enables developers to integrate sending of SMS messages using a GSM modem or compatible phone. The library is integrated into Aubey( which has a mini SMS gateway implementation.

MaestroList <font color=#ff0000><H2>Please visit <a href=>the Home Page site</a> instead of this page.</h2></font>

OpenSearch Editor OpenSearch editor is the editor of Firefox/IE7 search's plugins. For more information, please, visit

Yet Another Uptimes.Net Client Yaunc is a simple client written in C for the project. Visit for more information. Yaunc is compatible with version 4.2 of the uptimes protocol.

net.sourceforge.ajstruts Source code of an article ( published in 11/2003 in the german "Java Magazin" magazine, shows how to adapt 3rd party libs (e.g. struts) to project needs and ease migration to new library version using AspectJ and XSLT stylesheets olsrd is an implementation of the Optimized Link State Routing(OLSR, RFC3626) protocol. The implementation is extendable through the use of loadable plugins. Visit for more info. This page is OUTDATED!! Visit www.olsr.or

pythongamebook ThePythonGameBook project is a free wiki book about open source game programming with python. Please visit the official homepage at For historical reasons, some early example games of the book project are hosted on sf free open wiki booktutorialpython pygamegame

Campsite Campsite is no longer being developed. Campsite has been renamed to Newscoop. Please visit for the latest releases. Campsite was Sourcefabric's open content management system for professional journalists. Customizable workflows and user interfaceMultilingual user interface & contentAutomation of content publicationSubscription managementXML import

SchoolOS Digital Library SchoolOS Digital Library is Free of Cost, Non-commercial DVD (2GB appx) which contains 98 Ebooks for School Education. If you know a Good Ebook then Please drop a email to me - narendra AT visit -

PlayBilling PlayBilling is a webbased billing system for internet cafe and wireless hotspot provider mostly written in Java featured with: tariff management, prepaid, postpaid and discounts, user management and extensive reporting system

Pleasure Of Chatting POC stay for Pleasure Of Chatting and obviosly is the name of my GPL Chat written in java in order to work over all platforms. I chat very often and in many types of chat and I look that every chat, in his structure, have ...

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